Composition of Course

Courses available for the economics - major students can be categorized into 8 groups as follows:
1.  Economics of Development and Planning  
01101311 Economics of Development and Planning  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Meaning and measurement of economic development. Characteristics of developing economies. Internal and external economic factors and others which significantly influencing economic development. Obstacles to economic development. Case study of economic development and planning in Thailand by focusing on characteristic, process and other relevance.  
01101312 Thai Economy  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Basic structure of Thai Economy and its current performance.  
01101313 Economic History  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182    
  The evolution in economic and social structure of the developed region. Analysis of problems in economic and political system from feudalism, mercantilism, industrial revolution, up to World War II.  
01101314 Economic Development  3
  Pre : 01101311  
  General theory of development and underdevelopment. Economic growth models. Agricultural and economic development. Industrial development. Human resource development. Saving - investment and economic development. Monetary and fiscal policies for developing countries. Role of foreign trade on economic development. Foreign aid and investment.  
01101315 Rural Economics  3
  Pre : 01101182     
  Roles of rural area in economic development. Socio-economic characteristics of rural capital formation, production, marketing, and consumption. Roles of government and private sector in the development of rural economic structure. Trends of economic growth. Economic structural change and approaches to rural economic development in Thailand. Field trip required.  
01101316 Urban Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Urban development, urban spatial structure and choosing the location of households and firms. Using the tools of economics to analyze urban issues, environment, local government finance, and remedial policies to solve these issues. Roles of community and government in urban development. Field trip required.  
01101411 Economic Planning  3
  Pre : 01101311   
  Role, rationale and types of economic planning. Planning process. Uses of mathematical and statistical models in economic planning. Macro and sectoral planning models. Community planning. Economic planning of Thailand.  
01101412 Regional Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Hierarchy of regional economic activities between regions. Theories explaining regional disparity. Various techniques for analyzing interregional economic relationship. Location theory. Theories on regional mobilization. Analysis of factor of production and output. Measures to solve region disparity. Field trip required  
01101413 Project Preparation and Evaluation  3
  Pre : 01101311  
  Project preparation with emphasis on economic and social aspects. Economic and financial analysis of project. Identification and analysis of project benefits and costs. Project implementation. Project selection criteria.  
01101414 Economic Administration  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Concept and principle government’s economic administration. Economic and social development plan. Structuring of the economic development organizations, the impact of monetary and fiscal policy, and politics on the country’s economic administration.  
01101415 Economic Development of ASEAN Countries  3
  Pre : 01101281 and 01101282  
  Characteristics and economic structure. Economic development. Obstacles,  planning and policies in stimulating economic development of ASEAN countries  
01101416 Economics of Poverty and Inequality  3
  Pre : 01101182    
  Definition and characteristics of poverty and inequality. Their causes and resulting problems. Measurement of poverty. Policies and measures to overcome such problems with emphasis on the case of Thailand. Field trip required.  
01101417 Comparative Economic Development  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182     
  Comparison of the evolution of economic development, economic structure, social structure and political structure of countries and regions.  
01101418 Comparative Economic Systems  3
  Pre : 01101282   
  Comparison of theories and practice of capitalism, socialism and other economic systems. Focusing on organization administration, institutions, values, objectives, and behaviour of each economic system.  
2.    Business Economics  
01101221 Managerial Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  Application of economic theories and quantitative tools to firm’s decision process. Analyses of demand, cost, profit, pricing, and investment criteria. Analyses of aggregate demand, aggregate supply, economic stabilization, and economic policies for business decision making. Application of international economics for management.  
01101321 Financial Business Economics  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Business finance and its role in the economy, the impact of monetary policies on business, financial statements, cost of capital and structure of the capital the short - term and long - term financing.  
01101421 Business Economic Forecasting  3
  Pre : 01101371  
  Basic business economic forecasting, model selection for forecasting, forecasting with multiple regression, time - series decomposition, choosing forecasting techniques.  
01101422 Economics of Financial Risk Management  3
  Pre : 01101171, 01101181 and 01101182  
  Financial risk and its effect on business and economy. The use of derivatives in financial risk management. Forward contracts, futures, options, and swap. The analysis of benefits and concerns from risk management.   
01101423 Marketing Business Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281  
  The role of marketing, marketing process, analysing the marketing environment, consumer behavior, marketing research and information, estimating and forecasting market demand, identifying market segments and selecting market targets, production and costs, market structure and designing marketing strategies, pricing, managing marketing channels, marketing promotion and international marketing.  
01101424 Business Economics of Strategy  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  Economics and strategy. Business firm operation in the modern economy. Economic concepts for strategy. Economic and public policies affecting strategic management and business policy. Analysis of macroeconomic environment. Industry analysis and business strategy. Business organization analysis and strategy.   
01101425 Business Economic Ethics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  The relationship between business economics and social ethics. Developments of social ethics from personal to organization and institutional levels. Ethics, efficiency, and the market system. Ethical responsiveness to business and economic stakeholders. Ethical issues related to politics and socio - economics, economic policy, environment, human rights and corporate good governance. Trend of social ethical standard and its application for business and economic developments.  
01101426 Real Estate Business Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  Demand and supply of real estate sector. Analyses of real estate markets. Real estate development and investment. Real estate business sector and economic system. Economic factors affecting real estate business sector. Real estate business sector and economic and public policies.  
3.    Human Resources and Industrial Economics  
01101231 Labour and Industrial Economics  3
  Pre : 01101182 and 01101281  
  Definitions, categories and components of labour. Supply and demand for labour. Labour market. Employment and wage determination. Role of labour in industrial economy. Structure of industrial economy. Importance of industrial development and factors affecting industrial development. Study of industrial organization. Relationships among structure, conduct, and performance, with the interaction from basic conditions and government policies. Theories and policies of labour and industrial development.  
01101232 Introductory Transportation Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  Meaning and scope of transportation economics, significance and role of transport system in the economy. Economic characteristics of road, rail, air, water, and pipeline transportation. Fundamental theories of transportation economics. Government transport policy, rules, regulations, and legal issues. Contemporary Thai transportation problems and development. Field  trip required.  
01101331 Economics of Industrial Organization  3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Economic principles applied in industrial organization. Relation among market structure, conduct and performance. Firm behavior and performance. Game theory, advertising, research and development, market barrier to entry, integration and merger of firms, pricing strategies, market strategies, role of information, and government intervention.  
01101332 Economics of Human Resources  3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Theories and concepts in economics of human resources. Investment in human resources. Education. Training. Migration and health. Government policies on human resource. Manpower planning and human resources management. Human resources and globalization.  
01101333 Logistic Management Economics  3
  Pre : 01101232  
  Principles of traffic control and their application in commerce and industry. Managing transportation business and physical distribution of raw materials and finished goods. Location theory. Warehouse management and inventory control. Field trip required.  
01101334 Intermediate Transportation Economics                                               3
  Pre : 01101232  
  Transportation demand and supply estimation. Transportation cost and its determinants. Transportation rate and pricing. Location Economics. General transportation planning processes. Transportation system analysis and evaluation of urban transportation.  
01101335 Labour Market Analysis  3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Overview of labour market analysis. Critical issue of labour market. Factors affecting the labour market. Determination of wage and employment. Analysis of unemployment problems. Relation between wage and unemployment. Information system of labour market. Roles of government and unions in labour market. Policies to solve unemployment problems. Analysis of international labour migration.  
01101336 Economics of Renumeration   3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Wage theory and labour welfare for industrial enterprises. Problems and issues in wage determination. Government policy and practice on wage determination and labour welfare. Theoretical issues and forms of collective bargaining. Strategies and practice in collective bargaining by group and by individual.  
01101431 Economics of Industrialization  3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Economics principles for industrialization, establishing industrial enterprise industrial, growth and development. Factors contributing to industrial growth and development, industrial competitive advantage analysis, industrial promotion policy design and evaluation.  
01101432 Game Theory and Its Applications in Industrial Economics  3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Basic concepts of game theory. Static games. Solution techniques for solving static games. Dynamic games. Repeated games. Games with imperfect information. Game applications under oligopoly. Location model. Entry deterrence. Principal-Agent problem. Signaling.  
01101433 Labour Economics 3
  Pre : 01101231  
  Theory of labour supply and demand. Wage determination and employment in various labour markets. Job search theories. Wage theories. Unemployment. Labour management. Labour organizations. Labour relation system. Theory of conflict and conflict resolution. Government policies related to labour. Law related to labour relation. Field trip required.  
01101434 Public Utilities Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  The evolution and development of public utilities, its laws and regulations. Management, accounting and statistical control. Forecasting and planning. Rate determination. Cost analysis. Government role in public utilities investment, particularly in Thailand.  
01101435 International Transportation  3
  Pre :  01101232    
  Role of transportation in international goods and passenger movement. Operations of international air and ocean transportations. Organizations and associations controlling international transportation to raise efficiency. Problems and suggested solution. Field trip required.  
4.    International Economics  
01101341 International Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281  
  Basic theory and policy of international trade. The effect of international trade. Import tariff and export tax and their effects on the economy. Basic theory and policy of international finance, exchange rate, balance of payments, and international monetary system. The relationship between internal and external economy. International economic integration and foreign investment.  
01101441 International Trade Policy  3
  Pre : 01101282  
  Basic theory of international trade policy, both export and import. Objectives of the policy. Tariff and non - tariff trade barriers. The efficiency and distribution effect of export promotion, import substitution and other measures. The methodology of measuring effective rate of protection. Roles of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) in promoting free trade. Roles of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in protecting the developing countries interest. A policy to raise the bargaining power of exporting countries. Price and income stabilization policy.  
01101442 Economics of International Competition  3
  Pre : 01101341   
  The role of international competition and international competition environment under globalization. The integration of economics theories and practices in international trade, investment, finance and economic integration. Economic policies for international competition. International price and non-price competition. Global supply chain and multinational corporations. Factors determining national competitiveness. International competitive strategy. The impact of international competition on world economy, developed countries, developing countries and transition economies. International competition policy of Thailand and other countries. The future trend of international competition.  
1101443 Theory of International Finance  3
  Pre : 01101282   
    Theory of international finance, exchange rate system, foreign exchange market, balance of payments and an analysis of the relationship between national economy and balance of payments. International monetary system. Internal and external balance.  Foreign aid and loan.  
01101444 International Finance Policy  3
  Pre : 01101282   
  Balance of payments. An analytical framework for the flexibility of foreign debt service. Macroeconomic and international monetary measures and policies for internal and external balance. The evolution and experience of the international monetary system up to Bretton Woods. Roles of the International Monetary Fund. Problems of foreign debt repayment among developing countries.  
01101445 Economics of International Investment  3
  Pre : 01101341  
  Types of international investment and theories explaining causes. The economic effects of international investment on home and host countries. Measures for promoting foreign investment. Multinational corporations and government and international organization policies.  
01101446 Economics of International Integration  3
  Pre : 01101341  
  Basic theory of economic integration, stage of international integration and theory of customs union. Welfare and dynamic effects of the international integration. The impact on the international trade and monetary policy. Conditions of integration success. The European Union and ASEAN experience.  
5.    Monetary Economics and Public Finance   
01101251 Money and Banking  3
  Pre : 01101182   
  Functions and types of money. Credit and credit - instruments. Commercial banks. Central bank and other financial institutions. Financial market. International finance and the international financial institutions. Basic monetary theories and policies. Field trip required.  
01101351 Public Finance  3
  Pre : 01101182 and 01101281  
  Role of government in the economy. Government expenditure and its effect. Government budget. Taxation. Public debt. Local government finance. A general view of fiscal policy.  
01101451 Monetary Theory and Policy  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Monetary theories. The impacts of monetary variables on price, employment, income, interest and international balance of payment. Monetary policy for economic stabilization. Internal monetary policy.  
01101452 Financial Market Theory  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Functions and roles of financial markets in an economy. The importance of saving and investment. Demand and supply of financial funds. The nature of money and capital markets. The nature and types of securities in the markets: flow - of - fund account. Theory of interest rate and prices of securities. The investment decision rules. The monetary and fiscal policy and financial markets. Money markets and securities exchange in Thailand. Field trip required.  
01101453 Economics of Monetary Fluctuations  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Monetary fluctuations and causes. Its impact on the efficiency of resources utilization, income distribution, and economic development. Monetary stabilization policy.  
01101454 Financial Institutions and the Economy  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Main characteristics of financial institutions in Thailand. Their behavior and role in mobilizing and distributing financial fund. Impact on monetary variables and economic development. The international financial institutions and their role in Thailand. Field trip required.  
01101455 Fiscal Theory and Policy  3
  Pre : 01101351  
  Economics of public activities including the analysis of government functions, expenditures, as well as alternative means of obtaining revenue. Government policies for economic stabilization and growth. The relationship between monetary policy and fiscal policy. Public debt and policies for managing public debt.  
01101456 Economics of Government Expenditure  3
  Pre : 01101351  
  Government expenditure. Theories of Public goods. Goals of Government in production and income distribution. Project appraisal in government budgeting. Impact of government expenditure. State enterprises. Field trip required.  
01101457 Economics of Government Revenue  3
  Pre : 01101351  
  Government revenue budget. Principles of Taxation. Tax incidence and effect of taxation. Tax structure in Thailand and other countries. Taxation and economic problems. Income from state enterprises. Income from sales of assets and services. Other miscellaneous sources of revenue. Public debt. Treasury accounts.  
01101458 Wealth Theory  3
  Pre : 01101251  
  Birth of wealth and its impact on an economy. Types of wealth: money wealth in barter, commodity money, and fiat money economy, nonmonetary wealth and its components. Wealth and consumer behavior. Wealth in macroeconomic models analysis.  
6.    Natural Resources and Environmental Economics    
01101261 Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281  
  Relationship between human, natural resources and the environment; classification and principle of utilization of natural resources; economic growth, quality of natural resources and the environment; consumption, production and  environmental impacts on quality of life; solving and mitigation of the natural resource and environmental utilization problems; natural resource and environmental situations and management in Thailand.  
01101361 Natural Resource Economics  3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Natural resources as production factors and consumption goods; resource depletion and scarcity; conservation and sustainable resource uses; principles, guidelines and economic tools for natural resource management in both market and non-market system. Field trip required.  
01101362 Environmental Economics  3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Welfare economics; market and market failures; externalities and public goods; carrying capacity of natural resources and the environment; the problem of natural resources depletion and pollutions; effects of pollutions on quality of life; principles, guidelines and economic tools in solving environmental problems.  Field trip required.  
01101363 Economic Development and Natural Resources Utilization  3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Concepts and theory of economic development ; natural resources and the environment as factors of production and waste assimilating sources: the material balance model principle and toxic wastes discharged into the atmosphere; resources depletion ; cause of pollutions; status of Thailand’s and the world’s vital natural resources and the environment; impacts of natural resources and the environment deterioration; guidelines for natural resources development and corrective measures to cope with natural resources and the environment deteriorations. Field trip required.  
01101461 Economic Valuation Techniques of Natural Resources and Environment  3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Value in economic context, market failure in valuation, benefit and cost in market and non-market economy. Principles and concepts of resources and environmental valuations; economic concepts related to natural resources and environmental valuation, preliminary - valuation techniques. Application and problems of valuation techniques used in Thailand.  
01101462 Energy Resources Economics  3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Definitions and types of energy in various forms; applications of economic concepts to energy topics and environmental impacts due to energy consumption and production; energy price determination mechanism; public policies in managing energy utilization and environmental impact mitigation. Field trip required.  
01101463 Ecological Economics 3
  Pre : 01101261  
  Relationship between economic system and natural ecosystem over time and space. Concept of sustainability, justice, intergenerational equity, irreversibility of environmental change, and uncertainty.  
7.    Quantitative Economics  
01101171 Mathematical Economics I   
  Methods and principles of mathematics for economists. Functions, graphs, equations, system of equations, matrices, limits and continuity, of function derivatives and antiderivatives, integrations.  
01101272 Economic Statistics I   
  Methods and principles of statistics for economists, comprised of descriptive statistics, graphical and tabular presentations, measures of central tendency, measures of variation, probability theory, probability distributions, random sampling, distributions sampling, and index number, with emphasis on economic applications.  
01101271 Mathematical Economics II   
  Pre : 01101181, 01101182 and 01101171  
  The use of mathematical techniques as a tool to explain microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts by applying calculus and matrix algebra to economic problems, both static and comparative static. The use of simple mathematical models.  
01101371 Economic Statistics II   
  Pre : 01101181, 01101182 and 01101272  
  An introduction to statistics as a tool to analyze economics data through interval estimation, hypothesis testing, statistical inference about means and proportions of two economics populations, inferences about economics population variances, tests of goodness of fit and independence, analysis of variance and experimental design in economics, nonparametric methods for economics, statistical methods for quality control in economics, and sample survey in economics.  
01101372 Econometrics I  4
  Pre : 01101371  
  Relationships between economic variables. Properties of estimators. Simple and multiple regression theories and its application. Diagnostic testing for regression. Definition and detection of multicollinearlity, autocorrelation and heteroscedasticity. Selection of functional form. Regression modeling with dummy variables. Estimation with simultaneous equation system. Cointegration.  
01101373 Mathematical Economics III  3
  Pre : 01101271  
  Integral calculus, differential equations, and difference equations in economic dynamics. Linear programming and its applications in economics.  
01101471 Mathematical Programming for Economic Applications   
  Pre :  01101181, 01101182 and 01101271    
  Concepts and theories of linear and nonlinear programming for economic applications.  
01101472 Operations Research for Economic Applications   
  Pre : 01101281, 01101282 and 01101271  
  Analysis of economic problems by using mathematical methods, linear programming, and queuing methods. Decision under uncertainty.  
1101473 Input - Output Analysis  3
  Pre : 01101281, 01101282 and 01101271  
  Concepts and theories of input - output analysis. Its application to economic problems.  
01101474 Econometrics II  3
  Pre : 01101372  
  Simultaneous - equations estimation, types of equation systems, identification problems, problems of contra - assumptions, ordinary least squares, maximum likelihood estimation, K - class estimators, and lagged variables. Econometric forecasting.  
01101475 Mathematical Economics IV 3
  Pre : 01101373  
  Covering the concepts from Mathematical Economics which are missing from Mathematical Economics I, II, and III, in a way which strengthens the students’ formal reasoning and prepares them for advanced economic theory including set, logic, proof, metric space and consumer choices, sequences and series of economic variables, utility function and continuity.  
01101476 Microeconometrics 3
  Pre : 01101372 or 01422341  
  The use of Probit Model, Logit Model, Tobit Model, Multinomial Logit Model, Ordered Probit Model, Sample selection Model and Duration Analysis to analyze microeconomic data.  
01101477 Application of Computer Program for Economic Analysis 3
  Pre : 01101271   
  Using computer program in statistical estimation, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, co - integration analysis, forecasting, inventory control, linear programming, transportation problem, and input-output table analysis.  
8.    Economic Theory  
01101181 Microeconomics I  3
  Meaning, nature and methods of economic study. Economic problems. Functioning of the economy. Demand, supply, price, elasticity of demand and supply, application of demand and supply. Consumer behaviour and utility. Production and cost, short - run cost and long-run cost, production in the long-run and the very long - run concerning progress and pollution. Price determination in different types of market, application of price theory. Income distribution, determination of wage, interest, and return on investment; poverty and inequality.  
01101182 Macroeconomics I  3
  National income account. Determination of national income. Business cycle and national income fluctuations. Theories and measures of fiscal policies. Money and banking, monetary and income analysis. International trade and finance.Unemployment, inflation, economic growth and development.  Comparative economic systems.  
01101281 Microeconomics II  4
  Pre : 01101181   
  Microeconomic principles concerning economic functioning of free-trade economic system in dealing with basic economic problems. Demand, supply, market equilibrium. Theories of consumer, production and cost. The analysis of government policies under perfectly competitive market. Principles of price and quantity determination of goods and services in different types of market. Determination of factor prices. Principles of resource allocation. Market failure.  
01101282 Macroeconomics II  4
  Pre : 01101182   
  National income account. The measurement of macroeconomic variables. Determination of equilibrium national income in closed and open economy. Multiplier. Equilibrium in the goods market, financial market and aggregate demand curve. Equilibrium in the labor market and aggregate supply curve. Analysis of the relationship among the goods market , the financial market the labor market  and general equilibrium in the economy. The relationship between unemployment and inflation. Growth theories. Expectation. The open economy. Monetary and fiscal policies.   
01101381 History of Economic Thought  3
  Pre :  01101282  
  History of the evolution of economic thoughts since the time of Bible, Greek, Roman, and Medieval up to Mercantilism, Physjiocrats, Classical School, Socialism, Keynes, Neoclassical, and Contemporary Schools.  
01101382 Microeconomics III 3
  Pre : 01101281  
  Mathematical analysis of consumer behavior theory, production and cost theory, market price determination theory, general equilibrium theory, welfare economics and economic model.  
01101383 Macroeconomics III 3
  Pre : 01101282  
  Mathematical analysis in determining national income, equilibrium in demand, and supply side of the economy, static equilibrium model, wage determination and unemployment, monetary and fiscal policies, international revenue policies and balance of payments, inflation, relationship between wage, price, and output and economic growth.  
01101481 Welfare Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281  
  Concept and basic proposals for economic welfare. Theory of welfare economics and social optimum. The application of welfare policy for social and state enterprises.  
01101482 Economic Growth and Stability  3
  Pre : 01101282  
  Dynamic theories in economics, business cycle, and growth models. Policy impact on economic growth acceleration and stability.  
01101483 Political Economics 3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182    
  Basic concepts of philosophy, politics, and society. Expansion of the economy, steps of socio - politico - economic evolution process. Structure of socio - politico - economic system. Patterns of society’s production. Mechanism of economic functioning in the perspective of Marxian economics and politics together with those of Lenin, Mao, and other great local and foreign economists.  
01101484 Contemporary Political Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182  
  Methodology for socio - politico - economic operation and application, including evolution of operation guidelines of Marxist, Lenin, and other similar schools of economics. Their applications in underdeveloped countries, with particular reference to Thailand’s conditions and problems by emphasizing on comparative analysis with present economic concept.  
01101485 Buddhist Economics  3
  Pre : 01101181 and 01101182   
  A comparative analysis of mainstream economic principles and the concept of human behavior in Buddhism: production and consumption. An application of Buddhist economics to development economics, human resource economics, natural and environmental economics, and other branches of economics. Sufficient economy. Green economy. Alternatives in solving economic problems and crises from Buddhist economic perspectives.  
9.  Research methods, selected topics, seminar, and special problems courses  
01101491 Research Methods in Economics  3
  Pre : 01101281, 01101282 and 01101371  
  Principle and procedure of economic research. Research methodology, problem identification, hypothesis testing, data collecting, data processing, data analyzing, and research conclusion. Computer usage in economic research.  
01101496 Selected Topics in Economics  3
  Selected topics in economics at the bachelor’s degree level. Topics are subject to change each semester.  
01101497 Seminar  1
  Presentation and discussion on interesting topics in economics at the bachelor’s degree level.  
01101498 Special Problems  3
  Study and research in economics at the bachelor’s degree level and compile into a written report.