About the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University

The mission of Department of Economics is to produce economic graduates who believe in social values and ethical conduct, who are equipped with theoretical knowledge, yet practical enough to meet with the public and private demands for high quality work.

The graduates are trained to blend their theoretical and practical knowledge to tackle real life economic problems and to contribute to the progress of their organization and the society.

The department offers four degrees, one in undergraduate level, two in master level and one in doctorate level.

The undergraduate degree in Economics - Bachelor of Economics or B.Econ. - comprises of 8 major fields: 1) Economics of Development and Planning, 2) Business Economics, 3) Human Resources, Industrial Economics and Transportation, 4) International Economics, 5) Monetary Economics and Public Finance, 6) Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, 7) Quantitative Economics, and 8) Economic Theory. The Thai Regular program offers all 8 fields whereas the Thai Special

Program and the English program offer 4 fields, namely, Economics of Development and Planning, Business Economics, International Economics and Monetary Economics and Public Finance.

The two master degrees are Master of Economics in Economics (M.Econ. (Economics)) and Master of Economics in Business Economics (M.Econ. (Business Economics)). The Master of Economics is offered both as a regular daytime program and special evening program while the Master of Economics in Business Economics is offered only as a special evening program. The master programs intend to strengthen students’ practical capabilities and prepare them for knowledge - based society and global competition. The department has initiated the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Economics in 2009 to develop productive capacity of human resources to support the country’s development path.