Exchange Opportunities

Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Why Should I Study Abroad?There are several reasons why you should consider spending sometime during your BEcon years abroad: to increase your experience, to broaden your world view, to expand your skills and academic capacity, for example.Many BEcon students have participated in student exchange programs last year: Germany (2) the Netherlands (5) South Korea (6) Japan (3)

Where can I go?

KU has over 450 active MOU with university and institutions around the world.

KU has around 300 MOU in Asia, ~100 in Europe, ~40 in North America, and ~20 in Australia and Oceania.

Faculty of Economics has over 50 MOU with universities around the world.

BEcon students may choose to go to universities/institutions under MOU with KU or Faculty of Economics as exchange students.

What can I study abroad?

You have a lot of flexibility for courses and activities during your study abroad. Not required to study ONLY economics.

Varity of programs include business management, finance, accounting, environmental studies, political sciences, humanities, languages, etc. It can be short term or longer.

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